Parenteral Controlled Release

The delivery of APIs with poor bioavailability or with a narrow therapeutic index is often done through the parenteral route. However, frequent injections are required to maintain therapeutic concentrations of a drug, which leads to patient discomfort and poor compliance. Moreover, conventional parenteral products might not be adequate for certain APIs (i.e. biopharmaceuticals) due to stability issues. Parenteral controlled release systems overcome these problems and are able to deliver the drug in a predictable manner at a controlled rate, thus enhancing the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Every product with its desired performance characteristics requires a specific formulation and process development approach. To achieve this, we are able to work on different technologies including:

  • Depot formulations (aqueous and oily Solutions and Micro- and Nano-suspensions)

  • Microparticles (various encapsulation methods)

  • Implants (HME, in situ forming implants)

  • Liposomes


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