Oral Controlled Release

Oral dosage forms are the predominant delivery system on the market due to the versatility of the GI tract and the acceptance of patients to take their medication orally. Controlled release systems are advantageous for many APIs because they circumvent early drug degradation in the i.e. stomach, are able to maintain drug therapeutic levels and avoid side effects and improve patient compliance.

We work on different technologies to develop formulations able to achieve the desired therapeutic effect by delivering the API at a proper rate and time to the right part of the GI tract for absorption.

Our oral controlled release technologies include:

  • Extended release (ER) drug delivery systems

    • Multiparticulates (granules, pellets, minitablets)

    • Single unit tablets (Osmotic tablets, matrix and coated systems)

  • High dose ER drug delivery systems

  • Enteric/ colonic delivery dosage forms

  • Pulsatile drug delivery

  • Dual release (IR + MR combination)

  • Fixed dose combinations - with independent release adjustment for each API


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